Top management at Pro Weld Mine Maintenance are committed to protecting the environment, including the prevention of pollution through identifying and mitigating our significant environmental aspects and impacts. We will strive to continually improve our environmental management system and remain compliant to all relevant environmental legal obligations.

Environmental objectives

The top management and staff at Pro Weld Mine Maintenance are committed and will strive to:

▪ implement processes to protect the environment and prevent pollution; ▪ actively promote recycling as part of our processes, and
▪ purchase environmentally friendly products wherever possible.

As part of our systems and processes we will:

  • train, educate and communicate with employees, contractors and other relevant interested parties in regard to this policy and expectations towards protecting the environment where necessary;
  • ensure that this policy is retained as documented information and available to interested parties;
  • define and meet objectives, by documenting and monitoring measurable environmental targets;
  • conduct regular management review meetings to ensure our environmental management system is reviewed and controlled appropriately;
  • report, investigate and apply corrective actions to all environmental incidents;
  • evaluate and fulfil all environmental legal and other requirements applicable to the organisation;
  • document and mitigate all environmental aspects and impacts applicable to the organisation where reasonably practicable;
  • conduct audits of core processes within the organisation as part of our continual improvement process;
  • ensure our environmental management system is conformant and certified to ISO 14001:2015, and
  • review this policy annually.

    Approved by Kane Davitt

    CEO/Director 26/07/2023

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